Simply introduction for my blogs and me

This is the front page of my blog website hosted on GitHub pages. My name is tao yu. I am a master student in the DBIIR Lab at Renmin University of China (RUC). During the first year in lab, i did research on Graph computing, and i built actordas, a destributed graph computing engine based on AKKA.

My current work investigates how the popular SQL-on-Hadoop systems handle the sql task, such as presto, trying to combine the sql module with the destributed graph computing engine. In the future, I plan to continue my research with a focus on investigating Interactive query with graphs and relationships.

Besides daily researches, I enjoy coding and playing with open source projects. Main research area is the Graph computing. You can get all blogs displayed in time order in page and get my resume in CV

A technology sharing blogs introduction

Many of the features of my blogs are involved in technology about the projects i am doing. I used to focus to devloping the big data analysis system based serveral opensource frameworks such as hadoop, hbase, Spark and visualize the analysis result with the web. which devloped my instrests in big data analysis. so my blog mainly associate with the knowledge about big data. I like the programming lauguage Java, and try to strengthen the concurrent programming. Welcome friends who also have instrest in java contact with me, we can learning and coding together.

Some other thing insteresing

i love traveling and making friends , i have public account in wechat named “雨枫20186” ,which have posts about my travel log. Up to now,I have traveled to one foreign country Thailand and several cities in my lovely country, such as Kunming in Yunnan, Guiyang in Guizhou, Sanya in Hainan, Zhuhai in Guangdong, Chengdu in Sichuan, Leshan, Chongqing, Huangshan in Anhui, Hangzhou in Hangzhou, Wuzhen, Jiaxing, and Wuxi in Jiangsu. Changju has Jiangsu, Nanjing, Changzhou, Anhui Wuhu, Beijing.

Get Contact with me

e-mail: if you have any question about the project in github, feel free to comment on issues.

For more info

More info about author’s blog can also be found in the csdn. The github repo can be found in github rainmaple (in which you can see public project author devloping) might also be helpful for you.